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I'm only gonna say this one time, so pay attention.....

So far it's been a weird winter as far as the weather is concerned. We keep dodging the bullet as far as the big snow goes. Every year about this time I get a fever. Ice fever. I wanna go race something on the ice. I beat the shit out of myself for years riding the motorcycles out there and loved every second. It's taken a few seasons to get the first cart squared away and I learned a lot building it. Cart #2 is assembled and needs a good day's attention to finish it up. I had to build another because you can't race just one and no one else did it. I may have even solved one of the big problems. clearing snow. I have a pretty ancient Wheel Horse that I swapped engines for a couple more horse and electric start, wheel weights, chains and a pretty decent plow provided we don't get clobbered! If we make it out there I will be sure to get some pics and if there's a bike sitting idle I may not be able to help myself!

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Yeah, that was back in the day......


So hold on, we're getting ready to spread some sunshine, piss some folks off, pontificate when the urge strikes, and throw political correctness right in the shitter where it belongs.